→ Forever Losing Sleep- Havre De Grace 4/5/14 @ Gamechanger World


New song off of our full length.


That whisper, your curling razor, mistakenly wound around my tongue to squeeze some fucking truth from that wicked obsession, your obsession, where I can pass by.
They do that when you’re dead.
Alive I could count the stars, and you counted the screams.
So if you would please just hand me my ticket, I will go and join the ground.
It was where I was in the first place.
Follow me and I’ll follow back.

Tagging bands a like.


Raein | Tigersuit

This is my tigersuit ‘cause I’m a fucking lamb.


We’re playing Philadelphia on Saturday (April 19th) at the Don’t Tread On Me House then playing The Batcave in Montclair NJ on Monday April 21st with Grey Gordon and Aches (ex members of Algernon Cadwallader)